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This is the World English Bible in two rearrangements. Winfred Henson's. And Robert M'Cheyne's.

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About the World English Bible

The World English Bible (WEB) is an accurate translation of the Bible into modern English. It's an update of the American Standard Version of 1901, and its translators,, have released it to the Public Domain.

This website of the same name contains two sets of the text of the Protestant cannon, that is, of the Old and New Testaments. (The full translation also contains footnotes, but they are not included here.)

The first set is a rearrangement of the text that corresponds to Winfred Henson's audio recordings of the World English Bible that were released by LibriVox. The entire WEB text was divided into 89 sections, and each recording runs for about 70 minutes. These recordings are also in the Public Domain, and I'm uploading them to YouTube and embedding them in this website. Moreover, as supplements, I've added (in separate pages) book and chapter introductions from Matthew Henry's Whole Bible Commentary, a beloved and classic exposition of the Bible.

My reason for making this first set is this: By bringing high-quality audio recordings of the Bible together with their texts — and by adding book and chapter introductions — I'm hoping that listening to, reading, and studying the Bible would become much-loved activities for many.

The second set is a rearrangement of the WEB text into 365 morning and evening daily readings. This rearrangement is based on Robert M'Cheyne's Bible reading plan, though in the original plan the readings are called Family and Secret readings.

Like with the first set, I'm hoping that these daily Bible readings will encourage many people to read and study God's Word.


All the contents of this website are in the Public Domain.

The audio recordings by Winfred Henson are provided by

For the first set (audio recordings), the WEB text that I've used came from theWord Bible software (WEB module v.1.1). This was published some years before the 2020 stable text.

The book and chapter introductions from Matthew Henry also came from this same Bible software (MHWBC module v.1.3).

For the second set (daily readings), the WEB text that I've used came from itself. I'm using the HTML version of WEB dated July 19, 2020. In making these daily readings, I have not changed any word or punctuation in the original text, except by putting the verse numbers inside parentheses. However, I've made significant changes in its formatting, especially in paragraphs. As I understand it, these changes I've made do not disqualify me from still calling this text the World English Bible.


The World English Bible had been in draft form for a long time, and stable text status has been achieved only in 2020. Because of this, the audio recordings in the first set may not exactly match their corresponding texts.

World English Bible

Audio Recordings

World English Bible

Daily Readings

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